Iconic designs ... and the serious subject of design piracy

After having started my series of IGTV showroom tours - firstly Ligne Roset , then Roche Bobois and on Thursday the South African Interior Design studio - Studio 19 , I reflected about all of the phenomenal pieces that we were fortunate to have experienced in our time and indeed will be for centuries to come.  True design is timeless I believe, of course it is subjective; and as a design professional, I have an enormous appreciation for so many incarnations of design, having studied the history of styles.  I'm a huge advocate for form and function: good design can enrich so many people's lives; so if good design can improve the world we live in, then presumably bad design can harm it, right?  OK so here I'm talking about intellectual property rights and how iconic designs (or any designs in fact) are illegally imitated by others, not only are they of inferior quality and workmanship, they are often cheaper and that is what may appeal to those voyeuristic ones who just &quo